01 Choose your duration

1 Day

7 bottles

3 Day

21 bottles

5 Day

35 bottles

02 Decide how deep you want to cleanse


Get introduced to juice

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. This cleanse is perfect for the weekend warrior or even the veggie-phobe.
Get introduced to juice, and experience the benefits galore that juicing has in store.

Master Cleanse, Easy Going, Dragons Breath, Dutch Spice, Sweet Green Basil, Vanilla Sky, FLU Shot
  • 420 ml bottles
  • 35 ml shot


Reach that next level of health

This isn’t your first time around the block – or the bottle if you will. It’s time to go deeper.
You’re committed to refocusing and dedicating yourself to your health (at least for the next few days).

Master Cleanse, Green Routine, Dragons Breath, Force of Nature, Easy Going, Vanilla Sky, Ginger Shot
  • 420 ml bottles
  • 35 ml shot


Detox to your core

For the cleanse expert. This is detox done right! Veg-out and get your green on good with our deepest cleanse.

Master Cleanse, Sweet Green Basil, Force of Nature, Green Routine, Force of Nature, Vanilla Sky, Wheatgrass shot
  • 420 ml bottles
  • 35 ml shot

03 Order your cleanse

Once you have decided how long and deep you want to cleanse, you are ready to place your order! You can pick up your cleanse in a shop of your choosing, your order will be prepared within 48 hours. You will receive an e-mail notification when your order is ready and you will have 24 hours to come pick it up.