JuiceBrothers is a company that dedicates itself to making and selling the tastiest and healthiest juice and food – so you can be the best version of yourself. Our primary product is cold pressed juice: raw vegetable and fruit juice that we press hydraulically so all the nutrients are preserved and provide optimal health. Our recipes are extremely tasty so we can reach the world by selling great products to spread health. In the shop we also sell and serve smoothies, bowls, salads, wraps, breakfasts, nut milk, granola and raw desserts.


We’ve created a shop to be able to help you as brilliantly as possible. Not only can you grab your juice or food on the go, you will also be able to sit down and chill out at one of our tables. We are selling our products along with knowledge and a smile. In our brandstores, we not only serve our customers juice, but knowledge about juice and food too. This way we can propel cold pressed juice to the next level!

Bottled juice

Since we want many people to tap into healthy living and good food, we produce our juices in a significant volume. To produce these volumes, you need a big juicer that makes lots of liters per ingredient. This then needs to be mixed according to our carefully selected recipes, a system that guarantees quality but requires lots of space. That is why we chose design a special kitchen just for JuiceBrothers. By juicing at our production location and bottling juices every day, we can make sure our customers have the best and freshest juice possible!

Plastic Fantastic

We have consciously chosen to use the highest grade PET plastic for our juice bottles and take-away containers. We like it that it feels light in our bags, especially when doing a cleanse. Also, we can easily recycle it in Amsterdam and in many other places in The Netherlands. We do not like biodegradable (corn) plastic that much, because it competes with food production and there are still a lot of people with hunger in the world.



Because we extract all the juice out of fruits and vegetables, we are left with a lot of pulp. Not just any pulp, but high quality organic fruit and vegetable pulp. This is perfect for fertilizer, as addition to the diet of livestock like pigs and for instance to make paper. So that’s what we aim to do, making our printout materials on our own pulp as much as possible and working together with organic farmers to give our pulp back to the soil.