We are not medical doctors

We are the JuiceBrothers. We believe that our Juice & Food will help you improve your health and well-being. We are not medical doctors. If you are struggling with any health problems, please consult a doctor or therapist before starting a cleanse. We have chosen our ingredients and preparation methods based on their known effects on health. Our goal is to make you happy and healthy by consuming our products. We say our food is medicine and medicine is food. However, since we are not doctors and did not diagnose your health, we cannot guarantee the effects of our products on every individual. Please take responsibility for your own health and consult doctors or healers where you need them. Also, keep drinking your juice!


Order your cleanses

You can order a juice cleanse in one of our shops. You can also email us at cleanse@juicebro.com, please tell us when you want to start, how many days, how deep and at what shop you want to pick up your cleanse!