The Story of JuiceBrothers

At JuiceBrothers, our goal is to create quality cold-pressed juice that is nutritious and delicious as hell.

Our young and thirsty team makes all juices fresh daily, using a method of cold-pressing that locks in the maximum essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and preserves the natural flavors of the produce. Using organic fruits and vegetables, and other natural ingredients, JuiceBrothers creates the tastiest, healthiest recipes you can imagine. These immunity-boosting, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory blends nourish and promote overall well-being.

Making you feel good is our main goal. We’ll never judge you or tell you how to live your life. Whether you’re grabbing a hydrating juice to replenish you after yoga or to revive you after a long night out, it’s all good! Go ahead, take a sip.


Meet the brothers

The original JuiceBrothers are four friends. This is our story: During the summer of 2013, we were boating along the dutch canals talking about the great cold-pressed juices we had discovered around the globe, but weren’t available in our own town. It was this mutual dissatisfaction with the commercial juice and raw food industry in Holland that sparked the idea for JuiceBrothers. Turning frustration into motivation, we made a plan to become masters of cold-pressed juicing.

We didn’t know much about it then, but we were determined to go on the journey together. We started JuiceBrothers with one goal in mind: to create high quality, nutritious juices that also taste great. Fast forward to spring 2015, after nearly two years of hard work, research, experiments and endless taste tests, we are ready to open our flagship store in Amsterdam. JuiceBrothers has arrived!

Order your cleanses

You can order a juice cleanse in one of our shops. You can also email us at cleanse@juicebro.com, please tell us when you want to start, how many days, how deep and at what shop you want to pick up your cleanse!